Living Edge Designs began with the creation of a simple wood bench crafted from a beautiful slab of maple that had checked (cracked) and was no longer suitable for its original purpose. The crack, the joinery used to stabilize it and all of the natural irregularities combined to create a unique and functional work of art. 

Giving new purpose to cut wood otherwise destined for the scrap pile launched a collection of furniture and functional art for the home.  Although we still produce furniture and other items, the focus of the business has become our one of a kind Culinary Boards. 

To make our boards, we use a variety of local, ethically harvested hard wood.  Each Culinary Board is carefully shaped and finished to highlight the wood grain, live edges and other naturally occurring irregularities that make each piece so unique.  They are finished simply with natural oil, making each one a true functional work of art that looks just as beautiful hanging on the wall or when used as a serving surface for a culinary feast.

Living Edge Designs is based in the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck NY.  All work features the craftsmanship of Todd Young, a local resident, cabinet maker, musician and wood artisan. 





A fallen root massstep1.jpg
Wood Flitches
The finished product