Todd Young never thought of himself as an artist until a good friend and fellow musician set him straight.  Up until then, he considered himself a woodworker and a maker.   But his work stood out and his process was inspired by a need to collaborate with the natural element rather than dominate it.  With the realization that he was making art, Todd began to thrive creatively, and his wood work was coaxed into its fullest expression transcending function and craft. 

Todd has an innate understanding that the natural lines and grain in a single piece of wood can and should lead the design process.  The results are unusual and organic one-of-kind shaped pieces that celebrate irregularities and natural colors.  His cutting and presentation boards are as much sculptural works as they are functional pieces and are designed to display and hang as art when no in use. 

Todd's boards are made from ethically harvested local hardwoods like Walnut, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Locust and Sycamore.  Giving fallen and dead trees new purpose and life is one of his greatest joys.  The process begins by cutting logs and brunches into flitches or rough slabs and allowing them to slowly dry until stable.  He then designs the board and hand draws the shapes to preserve and highlight the wood's naturally unique characteristics.  Then the shapes are cut and sanded using a multi step process to refine all of the surfaces.  Finally each board is hot branded and the surface is finished with a protective food safe oil. 

Todd now considers himself a full-time artist and works from his studio Living Edge Designs in Rhinebeck NY.  



A fallen root massstep1.jpg
Wood Flitches
The finished product